Global Brand Transformation of a Leader in SaaS GRC

ModKaf played a significant role in establishing the SAI360 brand (formerly SAI Global) and helped the company retain its position as a leader in risk, compliance, and policy management through a period of corporate transformation and global economic change.

ModKaf developed and implemented a comprehensive content strategy, and relaunch of the company’s website and digital presence. ModKaf handled the communications strategies and planning for quarterly product releases as well as corporate events throughout the calendar year.

The collaboration between ModKaf and SAI360 was indicative of ModKaf’s ‘unagency’ approach. Through weekly planning meetings, ModKaf ghostwrote and produced informative and innovative content that supported lead nurturing, lead acquisition, and ongoing education for clients by breaking down complex regulatory and policy shifts. By leveraging our expertise and understanding of SAI360’s solutions, ModKaf delivered impactful content that resonated with their target audience.
ModKaf developed a digital content strategy that allowed SAI360 to gain share of voice, activate new opportunities, and convert leads. This strategy resulted in a fivefold increase in website traffic, with a 400% surge in traffic to the Pandemic Information Center.

In addition, ModKaf delivered personalized content and ads to engage key decision-makers. By forming media partnerships and securing coverage, Modkaf enhanced brand consideration. The creation of solution-oriented content tailored to specific buyer personas led to a 30% increase in hot and warm lead conversions.

Despite having a lean marketing team, ModKaf’s contributions ensured that SAI360 remained competitive and were able to achieve their strategic communications goals reaching audiences in the risk and compliance industry.


SAI Global


Boston, Chicago, Austrailia