Establishing a Brand for a TPRM SaaS PE Roll-up

ModKaf supported Ethixbase360 through a major acquisition, rebrand and leadership changes in 2022 and continues to work with the organization to further establish its role in the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and Third-Party Risk Management technology space.

ModKaf’s initial work with the company supported bringing messaging strategy, brand exploration, public relations, and content under one agency. The company leveraged our advisory and content services to seamlessly orchestrate an extensive rebrand bringing two companies under a singular strategic messaging and positioning framework.

Our proprietary methodology for content strategy and content activation aligns Ethixbase360’s audiences and context for optimal performance with the buying journey, often breaking down complex regulatory, human rights and environmental policy issues for the layman. ModKaf developed news analyses, blogs, landing page copy, case studies, infographics, press releases, and digital assets to reach target audiences, high-value gated content aligned to buyer education to drive website traffic and demand generation, industry-specific research and social media content to engage directly with key partnerships and stakeholder audiences.




London, U.K.