Unified Brand Message and Strategic Communications Blueprint for Core Banking Excellence

ModKaf was engaged by Smiley Technologies to reinvigorate their 20-year old brand with renewed positioning to enhance visibility in the increasingly competitive core banking market.

The engagement initiated with ModKaf’s proprietary BRAG (Business Review at A Glance) assessment to identify opportunities to re-establish a unified brand message, building upon a foundation of what brought Smiley to its early success, and bolster credibility and share of voice in the industry for its continued success.

This enabled ModKaf and Smiley to partner on a defined roadmap that included several key elements aimed at achieving these objectives. ModKaf engaged in a series of messaging workshops with Smiley’s leadership team to align the company’s mission, vision and point of view with key industry themes and customers challenges. The resulting StratMap serves as a guide for the business, ensuring consistency and relevance in communications across various touch points.

The StratMap also served as the bedrock for content strategy aimed at establishing Smiley Technologies as a thought leader. By combining insightful and authoritative content with strategic distribution recommendations, including activation across website and social media channels, ModKaf has helped Smiley Technologies build a scalable foundation for future engagement with their core target audience.




Little Rock, AR