Supporting a Diverse Colorado Community Endowment

ModKaf’s strategic communications planning for Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC) innovated new ways to gain share of voice and engage new and traditional stakeholders. By implementing a comprehensive approach, including social media strategy, content creation, and media relations, we were able to achieve impressive results and significantly enhance LCFC’s presence.

ModKaf supported LCFC in establishing a culture of communications within the organization and with its key stakeholders, designed to help facilitate policy and cultural conversations with audiences to align with key pillars of their business strategy. Themes focused on systemic inequalities, limited access to resources across Colorado’s Latino communities, and underrepresentation in education and social services for Latinos.

  • Media – Through thoughtful perspective on the philanthropic and non-profit landscape, ModKaf increased LCFC’s overall number of media mentions by 600% YoY.
  • Social – ModKaf created a thematic editorial social calendar that increased engagement and operationalized content themes aligned to LCFC’s target audiences increasing engagement by 77%
  • Influencers – LCFC is a community-focused organization and ModKaf collaborated with their community of grantees to promote and amplify their success stories of community impact and service across social media.

ModKaf’s strategic approach to content creation and media relations resulted in several standout media achievements. By securing 11 media placements surrounding LCFC’s 2023 endowment campaign launch, ModKaf enhanced LCFC’s visibility generating an estimated 2.58 million views. The combined total publication audience amounted to a staggering 417 million, showcasing the widespread coverage and exposure achieved through the media relations strategy.

By implementing a thematic editorial social calendar, creating compelling content, and fostering strong media relationships, ModKaf effectively elevated LCFC’s presence and increased their reach and influence in the philanthropic and non-profit space, helping the organization to achieve its objectives for strategic communications.




Denver, Colorado